Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Day 4

Confined water training.

Todays training began with proper weighting for minimal thermal protection to be used in skin diving ditch and recover skill. Each diver wearing a shorty wet suit or similar equivalent, weighted themselves for neutral buoyancy.

Once this was accomplished all divers performed a scuba bailout.
Divers assembled and went over the basic open water skill sets with a buddy. Alternating and working on Demonstration Quality skill performance.

At the end of the demonstration task, the divers were asked to remove their mask and put on their stored extra mask kept in the BC pocket. Only one diver had the stored mask available to them.

Divers next ditched their scuba unit and swam to the surface with mask, fins and snorkel.

Verbal review of skills performed was done in the shallow water. This was a critical review.

Next task was demonstration of surface skin dives, pike and feet first.

Scuba bailout was demonstrated to the instructor candidates. The candidates watched and did a critical review of the skill.

Divers next ditched their scuba unit, turning air off each time, and surfaced on mask, fins and snorkel.

A breath holding skill was next introduced. The divers would one at a time dive down to the bottom of the pool and place a hand on a rubber brick. That diver could not leave until the next diver relieved him at the brick. The idea was to complete 5 minutes of continuous breath hold diving, divided between 5 divers. This skill requires precise timing and a cool head.

Lets just say, a lot was learned in the next 5 minutes.

As fatigue set in from the constant surface diving, the actions became more erratic. Leaving some down to long on the brick.

One hand on the brick will be done again, with variations as the divers become more competent and confident.

Last task was a surface skin dive to recover and replace scuba unit. All attempted to do at demonstration quality. There was room for improvement!

Divers did a critical review of each others performance. After exiting the pool with gear, all divers returned for endurance building swim. Most completed 200m, some 400m.

It was noted this session had divers with stressors, including self-imposed stress. More will be discussed on that topic later.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Classroom Teaching Presentation

Teaching Presentation

Presenter: Instructor Trainer
Title: Teaching Presentations


I hate presenting to an audience. I hate public speaking. Therefore I hate talking to y_ _.
Wait I can't say that!

Since teaching presentations are required for completion of instructor training, you will find the following information helpful for successful completion of that training and a good example of the presentation format.

At the end of this presentation you will have three points,
that you will be able to list,
that will aid you in your next presentation.

The main points are:

1.  Command of Knowledge

2.  Organization

3.  Innovation


Command of Knowledge-

This one thing will make it significantly easier to present on any topic. If you know a subject, it will be much easier to talk about.

You get there with the three R's;
   reading and


Gather your research material.
Write notes.
Make an outline.
Practice your presentation with training aids while timing.
Do a final edit.
Then more practice.
(At this time pull out training aid-- research material [book], presentation outline, mirror [to represent practicing in front of mirror] and clock prop to represent timing yourself. Put training aid away.)


This is the hardest but most rewarding part of the presentation. It requires the student to dig deep and find out what will make this presentation stand out. Think (pull out light bulb training aid, then put away) of what gets you excited. Poll others and don't forget to rely on mentors for insight. Getting input from a variety of sources will help you decide on something with snap and appeal.

These three points will not only help you be polished and professional here but will provide a valuable base as you continue your training and teaching of --- Advanced Diver, Rescue Diver, Master Diver, Divemaster, Scuba Instructor, Instructor Trainer, Course Director etc...
(promotion of continuing education).


In review,

you have learned that
1.  command of knowledge will ease presenting information
2.  organization will aid in turning your knowledge into a teaching presentation 
3.  innovation, will appeal to the student and make it memorable

If you remember nothing else, remember these three key points when preparing for and preforming a classroom presentation:

Command of Knowledge

Learning objective questions:

What tool do you get with the three R's, research, reading and reptition, that also makes it easier to present on a topic? 
  Command of knowledge

What is it called when you gather research matierial, write notes and then make an outline?

What is the hardest and most rewarding part of a presentation?

Instructor Canidates

From Comal Divemaster and Instructor Training

Day 3 Academics

Today's academic session included:

Getting instructor pre-qual test back for review.  This will be corrected open book then gone over in class.

Each student re-presented their first presentation with critical review, then presented their second presentation with critical review.

Students were asked to re-work first two presentations and complete a new assigned presentation next week.

Assigned chapter reading review did not happen.  Students will have additional week to review chapter reading.  This will be gone over at next academic meeting.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Day 2

Reviewed requirements for Scuba Instructor Training.  Reviewed tasks to be accomplished prior to evaluation and evaluation standards.

Each student did a Teaching Presentation.

One at a time, the presentation was critically evaluated with suggestions for improvement.

Reading assignment made, new presentation topic selected.  Students will also re work first teaching presentation and present it again.
Day 1 
Confined water

Scuba Bailout
Scuba unit removal and turn air off, swim away on snorkel
Skin dive ditch, mask and fins
Swim 100 yds
Breath hold swim under water, attempt 25 yards
Breath hold recover of mask and fins, clear mask and snorkel
Breath hold recover scuba unit
Circle of 5, exchange masks
Circle of 5, exchange scuba unit
Buddy breath on bottom
Buddy breath while swimming

Student comfort

You got to make the students comfortable in the water!

Where you want to be!

It ain't easy being Cheesy!


M and G

Scuba Instructor Training

This blog is to document the training of three Divemasters who have begun training to become scuba instructors.