Monday, November 24, 2008

Classroom Teaching Presentation

Teaching Presentation

Presenter: Instructor Trainer
Title: Teaching Presentations


I hate presenting to an audience. I hate public speaking. Therefore I hate talking to y_ _.
Wait I can't say that!

Since teaching presentations are required for completion of instructor training, you will find the following information helpful for successful completion of that training and a good example of the presentation format.

At the end of this presentation you will have three points,
that you will be able to list,
that will aid you in your next presentation.

The main points are:

1.  Command of Knowledge

2.  Organization

3.  Innovation


Command of Knowledge-

This one thing will make it significantly easier to present on any topic. If you know a subject, it will be much easier to talk about.

You get there with the three R's;
   reading and


Gather your research material.
Write notes.
Make an outline.
Practice your presentation with training aids while timing.
Do a final edit.
Then more practice.
(At this time pull out training aid-- research material [book], presentation outline, mirror [to represent practicing in front of mirror] and clock prop to represent timing yourself. Put training aid away.)


This is the hardest but most rewarding part of the presentation. It requires the student to dig deep and find out what will make this presentation stand out. Think (pull out light bulb training aid, then put away) of what gets you excited. Poll others and don't forget to rely on mentors for insight. Getting input from a variety of sources will help you decide on something with snap and appeal.

These three points will not only help you be polished and professional here but will provide a valuable base as you continue your training and teaching of --- Advanced Diver, Rescue Diver, Master Diver, Divemaster, Scuba Instructor, Instructor Trainer, Course Director etc...
(promotion of continuing education).


In review,

you have learned that
1.  command of knowledge will ease presenting information
2.  organization will aid in turning your knowledge into a teaching presentation 
3.  innovation, will appeal to the student and make it memorable

If you remember nothing else, remember these three key points when preparing for and preforming a classroom presentation:

Command of Knowledge

Learning objective questions:

What tool do you get with the three R's, research, reading and reptition, that also makes it easier to present on a topic? 
  Command of knowledge

What is it called when you gather research matierial, write notes and then make an outline?

What is the hardest and most rewarding part of a presentation?

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