Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Day 19 Academics

Each candidate presented two times.

The format of presentation is now a given. The students are concentrating on perfecting each aspect of the presentation.

To that end, the evaluation and critical reviews are very critical with extreme attention to details.

One word wrong, one forgotten item, or mix up in format is noted. It is not done with malice but rather with the desire that each student reach the point of near perfection.

It is always done with love in my heart and the hope of greatness in the student!

I know each one is capable of greatness! My job is to help you achieve your potential. This is sometimes painful, sometimes pleasant but always with the intent of making you a better instructor than I.

Hang in there!

Day 18 Pool training

This session was dedicated to confined water presentations.

Each student had several opportunities to demonstrate and present. Corrections and suggestions for improvement were made.

Things are not getting easier, rather more precise as the finish line draws near.

Day 17 Academics

ICQ details were gone over. The candidates made a decision on the evaluator.

Assignments were made for the ICQ and for the next weeks presentations.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Day 16 Pool training

Pool training began with demonstration of donning gear at poolside and seated entry. Each student was critiqued following.

Next, several training presentations were performed including: mask clears, regulator recoveries. Emphasis was placed on placement and use of assistant, clear explanations and hand signals. And as always, demonstration quality skill demo.

The students were critiqued at each step.

All in all it was a very productive session. Great strides have been made by the students. They are rapidly approaching the instructor evaluation and are right on track to be very successful!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Day 15 Academics

This session began concentration on standards and procedures. An extensive amount of time was spent on the Credo (latin for "I believe").

Discussion was also made on contra-indications to scuba diving.

Two hours of pure fun!

Day 14 Pool Training

The session began with presentation and demonstration of scuba bailout. Key points: empty all air from BC, maintain control of equipment, equalize while descending. The scuba bailout has components of multiple other skills taught including:

ear equalization on descent
mask clear
regulator recovery and clear
donning scuba unit

Doing all of this demonstration quality while making it look smooth and easy is no small task!

Next was demonstration of scuba rescue, while explaining to students as you went. Again no small task as it involves multiple other skills, all the while explaining what you are doing to the students.

As always, the instructor candidates did a critical review of one another as well as receive instructor critique.

Unfortunately, the night was plagued with ear and sinus problems! So it goes the life of the scuba instructor.

Open Water Training Presentation

Open Water Training Presentation


3) Was a statement of Training objectives provided?

3) Were clear concise instructions and a general sequence of activity provided?

3) Were safety precautions and signals covered?


3) Was the activity organized, safe and controlled?

3) Were NAUI standards met?

3) Was the activity time efficient and observed?

3) Were skill deficiencies and errors identified, corrected and remedial practice provided for?

3) Were communications effective?

4) Was good use made of assistants?

4) Was the dive enjoyable?

5) Was the conduct of the activity smooth and professional?


3) Was the debriefing organized and effective?

3) Were evaluations of student performance communicated to students?

3) Were key points identified?

3) Was good performance praised?

3) Were problems identified and suggestions for practice and improvement made?

4) Was there enthusiasm throughout the presentation?

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for a smaller word document download of this information.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Day 13 Academics

The Business of Diving was covered in this meeting. The only aspect of Scuba diving that is not actually diving related. The Biz.

Good discussions were made concerning Label and Name recognition, Word of Mouth power in advertising, and constant review of the plan to modify and change as needed.

The students also discussed the Instuctor Training Course.

Lastly, an impromptu presentation was done by each student with 15 minutes of preparation. It is amazing at the progress made over the last several weeks.

There is light
at the end of the tunnel!

Lake Hefner, Oklahoma Jan 13, 2009.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Day 12 Academics

This session began with each student doing a critical review of their recorded presentation, followed by critical review by the other students and instructors. It is surprising how far each has gone in this process. The improvement as compared to the first presentation is dramatic.

Next was a review of Risk Management and Insurance. Not neccesarily the most interesting topic but neccessary.

The class night ended with some discussion of the Instructor Training Course, ITC, evaluation. Some things to expect and what not to expect. Emphasis was placed on 100% committment for the 3 day evaluation.

So with that, each student was encouraged to buckle down for the next 50 days! Learn it, Live it.