Thursday, June 30, 2011

Last Night of Training Day 28 Academics

Tonight was the last night of Scuba Instructor training for John Branch and Arbrey Stiefer.

Tonight the Instructor Candidates presented Boyle's law, General Gas law and both gave a complete Open water Brief and Debrief. 

Both IC's show command of the knowledge, organization and innovation.

Saturday they will demonstrate to another Instructor Trainer and Course Director what skills they have and if they believe that each is competent to teach their own loved one.

No endorsement can be higher!

After nearly one half of a year of training, I believe these men are ready to become Open Water Scuba Instructors.  Saturday they will prove it.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Last week of Training, Day 23,24,25,26 and 27

Since the last posting much has happened.  Two academic and two water sessions completed with Gary Peacock (NAUI Instructor), Billy Hunter (NAUI Instructor) was also in attendence for some of the training.

In water presentations were given on:  mask clears, Hover, Share air, snorkel, Pike dive, mask clears with remove and replace.

Classroom presentions were given on:  Best mix, Scuba tank, Boyles law, BC, Nitrox MOD.

Last night we finished the final chapter, Chapter 18, The Business of Diving and did a final review of materials to be tested on.

Tomorrow night, polished and professional presentations.
Time to buckle down and do what you need to do!

Instructor check out this weekend at Clear Springs Scuba Park.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Day 22 Academics

This was make or break night.  It was a double Make!!!
In attendance tonight were Instructors Valorie Hearn and Gary Peacock.

The IC's presented the General Gas Law, Air Consumption, Preventing Dive Accidents and the BC.

I saw some real work that has payed off!  Now to finish strong!

For the next 2 weeks Instructor Gary Peacock will be manning the helm.

The IC's will give a New Leadership level presentation, 20 min. and a reworked Scuba presentation 10 min..  They will also give the open water presentation brief for scuba diving students, alternating between TSP and CSSP.

Things to concentrate on:
Polished and professional
Training aids
Correct terminology
Correct handouts
No negative or self demeaning comments
Practicing with board and training aids

Rework all your old presentations.  Write an outline and give to the Instructor over each topic.  Write out your confined water briefs.  Fine tune the Open water brief and presentation.

Some facts:  4 months of training, 19 weeks, 23 sessions, 15 classroom presentations, 7/8 confined water presentations, 1 open water briefing, reviewed the standards and procedures, risk management handbook, chp. 13 risk management and insurance, chp. 16 teaching theory and instructional techniques, chp. 17 Teaching NAUI diving courses and programs.

That is all!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 21 Pool session

Only one IC tonight.  On hand was Instructor Gary Peacock for critical evaluation.  The night began with a scuba bailout.
The confined water presentations tonight were on surface gear remove and replace, and skin dive Pike dive.  These were the best yet by John.  Of note, John treaded water the entire time he was presenting the skill.

The IC was fortunate to have a scuba diver, who was trying out some new gear, to act as his student.  The diver was run through the following skills:  mask clears, regulator recoveries and out of air share alternate air.  The diver then acted as a downed diver in the deep end for a scuba rescue.

After this the IC did a complete scuba diver skill set including hover.  He was then asked to remove his scuba gear underwater, swim out clearing snorkel, return dive down, ditch mask and fins, surface, recover mask and fins, surface, recover scuba unit.

Some lessons learned...
1. Short and to the point, is sweet.
2. Endurance training is helpful.
3. Even the best have off nights.
4. Instructors must be able to perform well under all circumstances.
5. Perseverance pays off.

That is all!  Big night tomorrow.  Make or Break night.

Day 20 Academics

Class was early but productive!

The IC's gave presentations on Preventing Diving Accidents and Environmental Awarness.  Fine tuning continues.  The is always room for improvement to make it polished and professional.  Good ideas were discussed for training aids.

We completed Chapter 17.  And we saw the Ubertube in action!

Next week, pool skin and scuba confined water presentations, Pool brief, demonstration quality displays of all skills.  Academics, make or break day on the 8th.  This will be the day to decide if you go forward or if more training is required.  Two presentations will be made, 1 professional level and one reworked scuba level.  The full brief for dive location will be made.  Lastly, chapter 18 will be covered, the business of diving.

Work hard, work hard now.  This is the critical time.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day 19 pool

We worked it out this night! Instructors Gary And Billy were on hand for some feedback.
The evening began with a bailout, have to concentrate on demonstration quality. Spare mask check was made. The IC next did a gear and mask off buddy breath swim exercise. This was followed by gear removal and swim away.

The IC then gave there confined water presentations over mask clears and finning.this was followed by scuba presentation on hovering and neutral buoyancy.

The IC then did Mask off hover. Next, they demonstrated an ow scuba rescue.

Good class this night, but always room for improvement.