Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 20 Academics

Class was early but productive!

The IC's gave presentations on Preventing Diving Accidents and Environmental Awarness.  Fine tuning continues.  The is always room for improvement to make it polished and professional.  Good ideas were discussed for training aids.

We completed Chapter 17.  And we saw the Ubertube in action!

Next week, pool skin and scuba confined water presentations, Pool brief, demonstration quality displays of all skills.  Academics, make or break day on the 8th.  This will be the day to decide if you go forward or if more training is required.  Two presentations will be made, 1 professional level and one reworked scuba level.  The full brief for dive location will be made.  Lastly, chapter 18 will be covered, the business of diving.

Work hard, work hard now.  This is the critical time.

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