Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 21 Pool session

Only one IC tonight.  On hand was Instructor Gary Peacock for critical evaluation.  The night began with a scuba bailout.
The confined water presentations tonight were on surface gear remove and replace, and skin dive Pike dive.  These were the best yet by John.  Of note, John treaded water the entire time he was presenting the skill.

The IC was fortunate to have a scuba diver, who was trying out some new gear, to act as his student.  The diver was run through the following skills:  mask clears, regulator recoveries and out of air share alternate air.  The diver then acted as a downed diver in the deep end for a scuba rescue.

After this the IC did a complete scuba diver skill set including hover.  He was then asked to remove his scuba gear underwater, swim out clearing snorkel, return dive down, ditch mask and fins, surface, recover mask and fins, surface, recover scuba unit.

Some lessons learned...
1. Short and to the point, is sweet.
2. Endurance training is helpful.
3. Even the best have off nights.
4. Instructors must be able to perform well under all circumstances.
5. Perseverance pays off.

That is all!  Big night tomorrow.  Make or Break night.

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