Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Day 22 Academics

This was make or break night.  It was a double Make!!!
In attendance tonight were Instructors Valorie Hearn and Gary Peacock.

The IC's presented the General Gas Law, Air Consumption, Preventing Dive Accidents and the BC.

I saw some real work that has payed off!  Now to finish strong!

For the next 2 weeks Instructor Gary Peacock will be manning the helm.

The IC's will give a New Leadership level presentation, 20 min. and a reworked Scuba presentation 10 min..  They will also give the open water presentation brief for scuba diving students, alternating between TSP and CSSP.

Things to concentrate on:
Polished and professional
Training aids
Correct terminology
Correct handouts
No negative or self demeaning comments
Practicing with board and training aids

Rework all your old presentations.  Write an outline and give to the Instructor over each topic.  Write out your confined water briefs.  Fine tune the Open water brief and presentation.

Some facts:  4 months of training, 19 weeks, 23 sessions, 15 classroom presentations, 7/8 confined water presentations, 1 open water briefing, reviewed the standards and procedures, risk management handbook, chp. 13 risk management and insurance, chp. 16 teaching theory and instructional techniques, chp. 17 Teaching NAUI diving courses and programs.

That is all!

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jmfd said...

This has been a great class.