Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 18 academics

Tonight we had the talk...

The IC's were given the instructor evaluation requirements again. We went over the classroom presentation, the confined water presentation, the open water brief/debrief presentation requirements. I emphasized that all skills should be demonstration quality and the any skill could be asked of them.

We will decided on June 8th, to proceed to evaluation or not. This is a question that they must ask themselves and that I will evaluate on that day.

Classroom presentations were given on the Negligence flow chart and Amontons' law. We reviewed the standards and procedures.

Next week, we cover chapter 17 in the leadership manuel. The ICs will give a leadership level classroom presentation. They will also begin the brief/debrief for CSSP and TSP. Each IC will give one skin diver and one scuba diver confined water presentation.

Time to nut up or shut up boys! Study Hard starting now!
That is all.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day 17 Pool Session

Tonight was a good night.  Lots of learning happened this night.  The two IC's were in attendence as well as Instructor Gary Peacock.

Skills performed: Scuba Bail out, Remove scuba gear under water with swim out, Ditch mask/fins/snorkel (MFS), breath hold swim 25 meters, dive and recover MFS, Pike dive to recover MFS, Pike dive to recover scuba unit, tread water with scuba unit with out air in BC. 

Two confined water presentations were given.  1 regulator recoveries and 2 mask floods. 
Following this, scuba unit was ditched and skin diving began.  After skin diving several hundred yards, the IC did an additional 100 yard tired diver tow.

A good night.  Learning points:  every skill should be demonstration  quality,  following the format and reading notes is good in the confined water brief, slow is good,
practice, practice, practice

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Private Scuba Training

My good friend Gary Peacock is offering private instruction. You can see more information by going to his website.

Gary Peacock NAUI Instructor Site

He has my highest endorsement!  I bet you are wondering why, right?  Well you could say I helped him on his path to becoming a most excellent Instructor.  So if there are any problems at all come see me, as I was part of his training.  Gary is doing what every instructor dreams, exceeding all expectations.

You can bet one thing for sure, I would not endorse him if I did not trust him with my most Loved Ones.  That Is the Best thing I can say.

He loves diving and teaching you to dive!

Day 16 academics

Tonight only one IC was available. In attendance was instructor Gary Peacock.

A presentation was given on Amontons law.

Serious headway is being made. Lots of suggestions were offered.

Correct terminology is a must! Some good ideas were tossed around for training aids.

IC's must have command of the master book, the leadership and instruction book, risk management and the S&P.

Next week confined water presentation on Tuesday,Wednesday another classroom presentation, leadership level. We will begin the S&P.

That is all!

Day 15 pool session

Tonight only one candidate was available. A good opportunity presented itself. A student in open water missed a class. The IC was given the opportunity to take over and present the confined water session. Things started pretty well, the prescribed format was followed... Initially! Then as we found out, old dive master habits die hard. The format must be followed, on everything, it is a confined water presentation.

Donning gear at poolside, fin donning with buddy, giant stride entry, underwater gear remove and replace, surface r/r, alternate air share, mask clears, hover was all gone over with the student.

The IC did gear removal, air off, swim to surface, ditch m/f/s , 25 yard underwater swim with booties on, m/f/s replace, breath hold gear replacement.

All and all a good evening! Thanks for the evaluation by Instructor Gary Peacock.

Use a copy of the confined water format! That is all.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Day 14 academics

Tonight two of the gas laws were covered. Arbrey presented Charles law, John presented Boyles law.

Everyone has the format down. Now working on content and professional delivery.

We had the good fortune to have Instructor Gary Peacock present. He gave feedback on the presentations.

Chapter 16 was finally completed. This chapter involves in depth conversations about being an instructor and what it entails transferring your knowledge to someone else.

Realizing when your students succeed, you succeed. That the greatest achievement is when the student surpasses the instructor! This is when you have done your job. Instructors leave a legacy, a representation of themselves in their students. Make it a good one.

Next week, each candidate will present a confined water presentation. We may go over a few skills, demonstration quality. Work on some endurance and breath holding. Classroom will be two more presentations and taking a look at the s&p.

Let's go divers time get busy!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day 13 First pool session

Tonight each instructor candidate gave a confined water presentation, partial mask flood and alternate air source air share. They next performed a complete skill cycle. Their gear configuration was gone over. They finished up with swimming.

Some things were learned, preparing with notes, demonstrating to standard, carrying an extra mask. Conditioning begins.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Day 12

One diver was suspiciously absent...

Great presentation on Boyles law tonight.  Will finish Chapter 16 when all divers present.  Went over the student to instructor ratios tonight.

Expect to be in the pool next tuesday.  Each diver will give a confined water presentation on a single skill.

Next week, more presentations on the gas laws.