Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day 15 pool session

Tonight only one candidate was available. A good opportunity presented itself. A student in open water missed a class. The IC was given the opportunity to take over and present the confined water session. Things started pretty well, the prescribed format was followed... Initially! Then as we found out, old dive master habits die hard. The format must be followed, on everything, it is a confined water presentation.

Donning gear at poolside, fin donning with buddy, giant stride entry, underwater gear remove and replace, surface r/r, alternate air share, mask clears, hover was all gone over with the student.

The IC did gear removal, air off, swim to surface, ditch m/f/s , 25 yard underwater swim with booties on, m/f/s replace, breath hold gear replacement.

All and all a good evening! Thanks for the evaluation by Instructor Gary Peacock.

Use a copy of the confined water format! That is all.

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