Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day 17 Pool Session

Tonight was a good night.  Lots of learning happened this night.  The two IC's were in attendence as well as Instructor Gary Peacock.

Skills performed: Scuba Bail out, Remove scuba gear under water with swim out, Ditch mask/fins/snorkel (MFS), breath hold swim 25 meters, dive and recover MFS, Pike dive to recover MFS, Pike dive to recover scuba unit, tread water with scuba unit with out air in BC. 

Two confined water presentations were given.  1 regulator recoveries and 2 mask floods. 
Following this, scuba unit was ditched and skin diving began.  After skin diving several hundred yards, the IC did an additional 100 yard tired diver tow.

A good night.  Learning points:  every skill should be demonstration  quality,  following the format and reading notes is good in the confined water brief, slow is good,
practice, practice, practice

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