Sunday, May 15, 2011

Day 14 academics

Tonight two of the gas laws were covered. Arbrey presented Charles law, John presented Boyles law.

Everyone has the format down. Now working on content and professional delivery.

We had the good fortune to have Instructor Gary Peacock present. He gave feedback on the presentations.

Chapter 16 was finally completed. This chapter involves in depth conversations about being an instructor and what it entails transferring your knowledge to someone else.

Realizing when your students succeed, you succeed. That the greatest achievement is when the student surpasses the instructor! This is when you have done your job. Instructors leave a legacy, a representation of themselves in their students. Make it a good one.

Next week, each candidate will present a confined water presentation. We may go over a few skills, demonstration quality. Work on some endurance and breath holding. Classroom will be two more presentations and taking a look at the s&p.

Let's go divers time get busy!

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