Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Open Water Training Presentation

Open Water Training Presentation


3) Was a statement of Training objectives provided?

3) Were clear concise instructions and a general sequence of activity provided?

3) Were safety precautions and signals covered?


3) Was the activity organized, safe and controlled?

3) Were NAUI standards met?

3) Was the activity time efficient and observed?

3) Were skill deficiencies and errors identified, corrected and remedial practice provided for?

3) Were communications effective?

4) Was good use made of assistants?

4) Was the dive enjoyable?

5) Was the conduct of the activity smooth and professional?


3) Was the debriefing organized and effective?

3) Were evaluations of student performance communicated to students?

3) Were key points identified?

3) Was good performance praised?

3) Were problems identified and suggestions for practice and improvement made?

4) Was there enthusiasm throughout the presentation?

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