Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Day 6 Pool training

Day 6 started just like the other pool sessions=== Scuba bailout!

This was followed by each student performing a demo of all open water basic skills (except alternate air sharing). One student got lucky and did the demo in front of all of the other students. This diver received a critical review from the others immediately after removing the scuba unit, turning the air off and doing a swimming ascent.

The students breath hold surfaced dived to scuba unit and donned. A buoyancy demonstration was made. Each student then was required to achieve neutral buoyancy and hold without moving for 30 seconds.

The scuba unit was ditched and air turned off again. After swimming ascent a variation of one hand on the brick was performed. Each student did a surface dive to 12 to 13 feet and placed hands on the brick. This time, they were only required to stay down until they wanted to come up. After surfacing the next student went down and did the same thing.

This worked out well, the stress level was significantly lower with the time on the brick showing that.

Next the brick was transported, while breath holding, around the pool. Each student taking a turn. Again, low stress.

The students then did a surface dive to don their scuba unit. After donning, one student simulated being out of air and removed their mask. Another student then buddy breathed with them while swimming to the shallow end and returning. The students switched with the other simulating out of air and removing mask.

After this task was complete, each student buddied up and simulated out of air, alternate air sharing and swimming ascent.

Debrief of session was done in the water.

Once on the surface everyone exited the pool and began endurance swimming, all completed between 150 to 400 yards.


Twinklez said...

I liked the new version of one hand on the brick. It was a lot less stressful. I did not like moving the brick around the pool but need to work on that exercise. All in all this session seemed a little easier than the previous week. I would like to think it's because the training is working and my skills are improving. The Christmas holidays and my trip to Mexico are bittersweet in that there will be weeks in between my next pool session. I'm worried that I will take a step or two back. If I could find a way to train multiple times in a week I would. I hate it, but I love it. I feel a lot of anxiety before each training session and such a sense of accomplishment afterward - even if I don't get everything perfect just knowing I completed the training session is so important to me.

Anonymous said...

Perfect is the enemy of good..... This training is simply the cornerstone of a lifetime of instruction while learning. Good job. :)