Monday, July 4, 2011

It is Finished

I am happy to say that the two candidates are now Scuba Instructors. Their six months of hard work have payed off.

Now comes the real learning!

The card is just a piece of plastic, you are what is important. How you conduct yourself, the knowledge you command and the way you share it with others is the measure that is seen. Represent yourself well, represent those who trained you, well.

All eyes are upon you, everyone will be listening with keen ears. You can no longer dive without being viewed as a professional, an open water scuba instructor. Make sure what people see, is something they want to be.

Think back now to the beginning, to the time you wanted to learn of the underwater world. Remember the awe and pure joy! Share this and your love of diving with your students. If you do this, you can't go wrong.

Congratulations John and Arbrey! I expect you to be better, better than me! Be Safe and have Fun!

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Arbrey Stiefer said...

It is finished, It has begun. What an incredible journey it has been to complete Instructior Training Class. Too little sleep, long hours of study and preparation, only to have Dean dissect, criticize, and descimate a presentation without ever feeling any remorse. Yet he was able to present the evaluations with compassion and respect, giving credit and praise when it was earned (sometimes he had to really look hard for the credit). I never felt put down or looked down upon. I felt it a privilege to have had this opertunity.
Special thanks to:
Billy for training aids, evaluations, moral support, and advice.
My wife Shirley for putting up with early mornings, late nights, and mood swings.
Gary for being there in class, confined and open water. For a shoulder, to stand on or cry on, whenever needed.
John for going the distance with me.
Dive masters for taking up the slack with students.
Every diver I have had the good fortune to dive with for the smile or glint in your eyes that has made it all worthwhile