Monday, April 25, 2011

Confined Water Teaching Presentation

•Confined water teaching presentation criteria

–Skill introduction
•[3] Was the importance or value established?
•[3] Was a statement of student performance objectives made?
•[3] Was the general sequence of the activity provided?

–Skill Practice and Evaluation
•[3] Was the exercise organized, safe, and controlled?
•[3] Was there a clear and accurate demonstration?
•[3] Was practice time efficient and observed?
•[3] Were skill deficiencies and errors identified and prescriptive coaching and remedial practice provided for?
•[3] Was there adequate student participation vs. passive listening or watching?
•[4] Was good use made of assistant(s)?
•[4] Was the exercise conducted enthusiastically?
•[4] Were appropriate games used effectively?
•[5] Was the presentation imaginative and innovative?
•[5] Was the exercise polished, smooth, and professional?

–Skill Transition
•[3] Were evaluations of student performance communicated to students?
•[3] Were key points identified?
•[4] Was good performance praised?
•[5] Were suggestions for practice and improvement made?

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