Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My underwater swim!!!

I just want to scream it from the mountain top....I DID IT! The underwater swim that is!!! That was my last and final skill to complete for my divemaster training! If I were a girly girl I would have been jumping up and down, but that's not me...bul let me tell you my insides are doing just that!!! I owe many thanks to several people but Dean Pennington got me through this swim. He worked with me tonight on my breath hold until I was able to hold it for one minute underwater (in one night...I started at 15 seconds) and then and only then did we start to work on some swimming. Half the length of the pool, after a few time we ended up in the shallow end.... and this time Dean wanted me to go the the break and a little past....so i ask if I feel i can make it all the way can I go ahead and go for it, Dean being Dean said "well sure you can, you can do anything you want"! So I did a little ETF Tapping Therapy (to get to my happy place) and off I went... as Dean explained i had plenty of oxygen and it was just my brain tell me I need to breath from the carbon dioxide build up and guess what he was right....I did it!!! Yay!! I can't even put into words how it makes ne feel to accomplish the title "DIVEMASTER"!!! What an awesome feeling (i will help others with those same fears i had but always want to dive) There are a few people I need to thank besides Dean for believing in me.. 1st my brother Robbie Kirkpatrick...Thanks for believing you big sister can do anything, my instructor Gary Peacock for even putting the notion in my head to get on the fast track to divemaster and for not giving up on me when I know it would have been eaiser, Billy Hunter, owner of Scuba Steve's for being sick that day and closing the shop (that was my here's your sign moment) and for believing in me and not giving up and last but not least John Branch, I could not have done it without you....thank you...you are a great divemaster (soon to be instructor) and we could all learn a lot from you!!! Look out world you have some new divemasters in town!!!


ALK said...

Let me not for get prayer...thank you lord!!!

Dean Pennington II said...

You are the one who did all the work! We all just watched.

jmfd said...

Alesia You did great. Also you will will be a great Divemaster. Can't wait to work with you in the pool.