Sunday, April 17, 2011

Day Nine

Big Update here.  The Instructor Cand. did well on Saturday teaching CPR, AED and Oxygen administration.  The class was not violent, but had tendencies...

Long day with all of first aid lecture then test to immediately follow!  We did eat Hamburgers and swim later that evening.  Anti-freeze was used, so there was no problems with the temperature.

Thursday night was class night.  The boys suffered through some history on Nitrox and the Fathers of it,  Dick Rutkowski and Morgan Wells PhD, at least two of the modern fathers with civilian applications!

They then gave presentations on MOD and Best Mix.  Things are coming around, times were kept down and focus sharpened on the topic!

Next session they will present on Equivalent Air Depth (EAD) and the NOAA Oxygen exposure chart.  Chapter 16 Teaching Theory and Instructional Techniques will be covered in class.

The candidates will have the opportunity to work with an Advance Scuba class, in the near future.

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