Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Day 11 Pool Training

Things are shifting now.  

One candidate demonstrated how to gear up poolside, don fins then giant stride entry.

Next, Scuba Bailout with concentration on demonstrating the skill not just doing it.

Following this was discussion on teaching and demonstrating the skill versus performing the skill itself.  The candidates then demonstrated removing and replacing the scuba unit under water.

At each point the students evaluated one and another and received evaluation from the instructor.

Next, explanation and demonstration of alternate air source air share with buddy.  Each student assumed the instructor position, the student position and the assistant position.

The last skill worked on for the evening was the scuba rescue.  This is a complex set of skills that is very difficult to demonstrate, as they saw.  Each student in turn demonstrated the scuba rescue with discussion.  Each was evaluated by their peers and by the instructors.

Last, open skill practice for 7 minutes.

Every candidate is making significant progress!!!

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