Thursday, January 1, 2009

Polar Bear Dive, Tyler State Park

The Second Annual State Park Polar Bear Dive, was once again done on the first day of the year.

Last year, its debut, 3 people participated (while completing their dry suit training).

This year a total of 9 people were in attendance.  Noticeable absent was Steve Lockhart!

Of note this year, one young man was diving his first dive after certification.  Wow!

Outside temps this year were in the 50's that quickly climbed to the high of 61F.  The water temperatures were in the low 50's (52F).

One diver's family graciously provided chicken and dumplings for the post dive feast!

What a pleasure to see and dive with everyone on this fist day of 2009!

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Mike said...

Water was cold, vis was good, chicken and dumpling was great. Drysuits made it excellent. Had a good time diving. Looking forward to diving with all yall this year.