Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Day 8 Academics

This session was dedicated to going over the next oral presentation. Some improvements were discussed and will be implemented next session.

The instructor evaluation test was discussed.

A lengthy discussion was also held on the transition from Divemaster to Instructor.

Here were a few of the topics discussed:

Utilization of divemasters
Correction of divemasters
Team teaching
Teaching master diver, rescue and divemasters
Teaching techniques
Having fun

Next academic session will be presentations. This will be followed by going over the chapter about teaching courses and programs. We will also begin going over the risk management handbook.


Gary said...

Hey Dean

Are you going to bring back the video recorder for our presentations? I really liked being able to see ourselves from that perspective, I don't particulary enjoy doing them in front of the camera, but I think it helps me learn to deal with the pressures we most certainly will feel when we do the presentations for real.

Dean Pennington II said...

You bet Gary! Be prepared monday night for