Wednesday, January 21, 2009

To whoever it may concern

First of all I would like to thank Dean for putting together a forum for us, the instructor candidates, to communicate through. Secondly, but not less important I would like to thank the other instructor trainer for the opportunity to learn from all of their many years of experience. I would also like to say I am proud to be a member and hopefully soon to be an instructor for an organization that believes the quality of the instructor is far more important than the four letters of the certifying agency. I did not decide to train with a certain agency, I decided to train and dive with a group of people I trusted. As I continued to train I have gained trust in the organization in which I have become a member. However, it is the people I dive with and train with of which I am most proud.

Now, this is for you, Mr./Mrs. Padi the right way/ Padi instructor. I know this forum is in a public place for public consumption and while I have no idea why you have any intrest in our blog, I appreciate the fact you have decided to join us. You see, there have been several people who no longer dive with us who have gone on to other things, which I personally wish them the very best! If you are one of these folks that's Ok, if you are not that is Ok too. I would expect your dialogue in our forum to be as professional and constructive as that of other PADI instructors that I have talked to.

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